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This week I have a brand new Ask Ashley questions to share. Find out if I answered your question here. Don't forget to send in your questions! You never know when I'll pick yours to post!

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11/16/2009 09:08:10 pm

Í really love this content :D Monday rules

11/16/2009 09:09:20 pm

Good luck with you all the time.And I love you forever.

HSM forever 16
11/16/2009 09:10:08 pm

I hope you have the chance to do a project with one of them or all of them! Goodluck in everything you do! I support you 100% and I'll never stop listening to your music or watching your movies! You are such an inspiration!
Much love & support,

Lord Hawk
11/16/2009 09:11:13 pm

If you had met me, I had a cuddle? (A)

And who is the man in your life?
Thus, who would you married, if you are not already married to one, then?
If you are, who are you married?

~Kevin <3
Contact me?
Phone: +47 45 29 66 96

I love you 33&gt;
11/16/2009 09:12:10 pm

hello ashley whats it your favorite song? and pleas come to swenden in Västerbotten i love you.. <3

11/16/2009 09:12:57 pm

Hey what's up Ashley?
I don't know... Are you reading this comments?
Never mind...
Come to Poland!!!
Sorry for my English ...


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