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I want to chat with you at my Yahoo Messenger! Some people have already chat with me when I Introduce my YM at the Public! It's really fun!!! but remember, don't abuse me too mu

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11/13/2009 05:31:05 pm

Good Work Ashley!!! Keep it up!!!

11/13/2009 05:33:38 pm

wow miss Ashley!!! you are really real!!! imagine that the Disney had commented on your personal site!!! I'm lucky I know this site!!!

11/13/2009 05:35:14 pm

hi miss ashley.. Jonas is my cousin!!! He really likes you!!! he is very excited when he knows yours personal site!!! BTW, HI!!!

Angelica Cruz
11/13/2009 05:36:27 pm

Hi miss ashley!!!

11/13/2009 05:39:08 pm

hello how are you??? did you know me!!!


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